LYA Block production process


LYA Plastic concrete block mould

This is our newest design of block mould, made of  PP(EP200K) plastic, with size of 400*200*200mm for the full mould, 200X200X200mm for the half mould. Warranty for this mould can be above 1500 times, just need a vibrating table and pan mixer then you can do producing, it's a perfect choice for a small and medium-sized factory.

It can replace the normal block machine to produce the concrete blocks for your house building, also the final block from this mould is with smooth surface and easy to paint and decorate the indoor and outdoor wall. Most importantly, this block can be 100% interlock together which will save more cement during building and more stable structure for the whole house.

With this mould, Blocks/Bricks can be made with unskilled labor on site, Construction can be achieved with unskilled labor. Now this block is widely used in Thailand, Malaysia, Arab countries, and Africa countries, as it is in advantage of saving transport costs, saving energy, fasting building and longevity.

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Step 1, Oiling the moulds- all surfaces exposed to cement

A, use gearbox oil for first time, this is Essential.

B, use cooking oil on its own or mix 50% diesel 50% oil(used cooking oil will also work)

C, Do not use any other oils, these will damage your moulds.

D, Use a brush or spraygun to coat the moulds. Do not miss a spot.

E, Oil aluminium strips for easy release.

F, pack moulds face down to drain any excess oil

G, assemble moulds red with yellow.

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Step 2: cast moulds/ fill

3X level wheel barrows sand, 2X 13mm stone, 1X 50kg cement

A,vibrate by hand if no vibrating table available

B,when by hand first fill the moulds then tap with rubber mallet

C, do not top up the mould with mixture after casting, settlement of the mix is essential :1- 3 mm.

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Step 3, Curing

Moulds need to be stored on a level surface for 48 hours. The moulds must not be moved during this time as microscopic cracks will form decreasing the strength of the block.

Production must be done under shelter.

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Step 4, releasing the moulds

Do not veer from the unzipping method shown in these pictures, as you may damage your moulds or block.

Do not hit directly onto strips when removing.

First use a small washer to unzip, then use bigger washer provided and roll down both sides.

Tap gently with back of mallet at position shown. Repeat this action on bottom cavity.

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Step 5: storing

Handle blocks with care after demoulding and store for 1more day before palleting.

Cure blocks for 28 days before using!

4-5 labors can produce 1500 blocks in 5 days. This is enough to build a 42M2 cottage or house.



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