How to get a high quality veneer stone


How to get a high quality veneer stone ?

Veneer stone is using everywhere now for indoor and outdoor house decoration,it give a pure and special looking for our house or villa etc,can make our house looks more natural and beautiful.But how we can get a natural and beautiful design?

1. We get the natural rock from the mountain to cut and shave and engrave by CNC,then we can get the pure and original master natural stone.

2. We copy the original master natural stone by #196 resin under the 20-25 degree temperature,and make sure the resin stone 100% same with the original stone .Then now we got the pure and nice design resin master stone.

3. Modified pure RTV silicone to make exactly same design as the master,it can use more than 800times(3 years)

4. We heat the modified silicone in into more liquid and mix the rated agent in order to get the mold which has a high durability for heat resistance and better UV resistance.

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