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1.GETTING STARTEDZhengzhou LYA Mould Co.,Ltd.
All you need is:
Concrete Mixer
PathMate Mol d
Pre-Mixed Concrete
Trowe I
The PathMate can be used on any relatively flat surface.You will get the best results by clearing any sod and leveling your working surface first.Plan out your job and then set your PathMate where you want to start.
Each PathMate mould 60 pound bag requires one concrete.Add 3 qu Jarts of water to the ODJOB m ixer (two
capfuls),add the bag of pre-mix,seal the id and roll for 30 seconds.If you require more water,add one-half cup at a time until you have a consistent mix.
When your concretes is mixed,simply pour directly from the PathMate cavities.Fill the the ODJOB mixer into cavities you want to use and then smooth the surface with a trowel.
Let the concrete set for about one minute before removing the mould,Then give the mould a slight shimmy or twist and lift the mould clear of the concrete.
After removing the mould,smooth the edges with a trowel.You can create avariety of finishing surfaces with your sprinkle sand to provide trowel,or you can on some colour the stones,simply add If you want to texture.cement dye during the mixing process.
You can sweep sand Or soil into the spaces to fill the gaps or to permit grass to grow between the stones.
Outdoors decorative pavement mould, made of PP & ABS material which supplied by Sinopec,China. It is the add concrete inside the moulds then release themoulds instantly which is different with other normal design paver moulds,extensively used at the' ilia, garden,zoo,natural plaza, or other public place. lt is convenient for you to DIY your garden by pathway or walkway.
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