Product Description

About Concrete Block Mold

Mold using male and female interlocking structure, auxiliary to the aluminum slot clamps and swallowtail screws to be fixed, the overall strength is higher, better sealing, difficult to leakage. A set of molds we use yellow and red to represent the difference between male and female, but also easy to identify and install in the production process, improve production efficiency.


1. Material:Cement,sand and light weighted gravel.  

2. Mold material:R5005 from Sabic;

3. Demoulding:Special design inner the mold,easier for demoulding ,and give full experienced demoulding instruction avalible.

4. Warranty:500times above,if broken without personal damage we can send the quantity for free.

5. Price rang from 3.6-5.5usd each pcs.

6. If sole agent agreement signed,500pcs free supported and agent price much lower than the normal market price.

7. Patent certificate is valid and can protect the copyright from other followers.

8. OEM is accepted.

The advantages :

1. It is possible to build a 42-square-meter cottage in 3 days without any special training for ordinary workers. The process is simple and easy to operate.
2. The construction cost is lower. For example, a 4 × 3 meter house plus a roof can be completed in 4 days and 1-2 days, which greatly reduces the labor time and saves more costs than the ordinary building.
3. The mold can be reworked in production, can be used immediately after the completion of the construction of the house, completely saving the finished brick transport costs.
4. This mold out of the finished structure makes the building's house is easy to take the line and the pipeline.
5. Two blocks can be more perfect and seamless bonding together, only need a small amount of concrete mud for mutual bonding. This will save even more on concrete materials and costs.



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